Our Story

House Of Salads family owned  business that has been in operation for 20 years . 

In 1999 we founded House Of Salad 
 to create Healthy ,Tasty , Unique and High Quality Salads that would bring people " The best memories from my childhood home -made gathered around the table.  

Saturdays , holidays also small every day celebration with a long table decorate with colorful, delicious 15 different kinds of Grandma's hand made Salads " The smell of the spices freshnest  ,home cooked salads is so powerful in its brings old memories to mind that remind me Home ,family , happiness and celebration , sharing ,  and a big sense of love and belonging  "   

The Idea Of gathering around the table Uniting as friends and family . 

Food is a powerful element that can bring together many different  people. 
Food is a large part of all Celebrations ,Holidays , Events , not just the major ones but also small every day friends and family celebration. 
We all know we use food for our social need . 
Our Healthy  Delicious High Quality Salads 
Is your Best partner for everything . 
When we have friends or family over we usually have some form of food to offer them . 
Whether is be as a light snack or full meal 
Our Salads are always the Right thing. 
You can serve them as a Whole Meal. 
You can serve them as a Delicious and Healthy Snack 
Our Salads Goes With Everything. 
And Everyone Enjoy eating them . 
We Provide a wide range of different, Unique, Healthy Delicious and High Quality tastes.

We ensure that every Measure is taken to bring you responsibility Sourced,Thoroughly tested,
Healthy ,High Quality ,Tasty Salads

Our Salads are Special. 
They Brings People eat together. 
We Celebrate with them .
We Enjoy Eating them . 
They are Natural Healthy and High Quality.
The Variety of varieties Suitable for Everyone. 
They are looking Great too !