Our Salads made from the most , natural, fresh  , high quality Ingredients.

House of Salads aim to bring Healthy , all Natural, delicious , high Quality Salads.


Every detail of the production process is designed to bring the best product to our customers.   


Each Salad has is own unique  authenticity in his taste , aroma ,look , giving it an exclusive set of health benefits   .    

House of Salads Carefully Created over 50 different Salads with attention to  every detail, the proper equipment  and commitment to producing only the best.

Our Professionals Chefs who knows how important the production process is, and who are committed to provide customers with products that are unique,high quality , delicious and healthy 

Whether you are using  salads as a full meal or a light snack , appetizer , side dish or a main dish

House of Salads - Salads is always the right thing .

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