Corn salad health benefits

The Good Mood salad

Corn salad is a stress reliever that helps you keep your mood up. Vitamin B9 is the compound acting on the nervous system, ensuring you sleep well. Lacking vitamin B9 can cause anemia, digestive disorders and mood swings…

Corn salad as a source of vitamin C

Vitamin C, with its antioxidant properties, cancels premature cell ageing and hinders appearance of cancers. Moreover, it contributes to consolidating immune system functions, protecting the body from attack.

Corn salad also provides beta-carotene, another antioxidant, which is a formative vitamin A compound. Beta-carotene protects skin, eyes and keeps the body from cardiovascular disease.

Corn salad to lose weight

With very low calorie intake, corn salad only adds 20 calories / 3.5 oz (100 g). It immediately should be on the shopping list for healthy, low-calorie diets. It quickly makes you feel satiated, and brings on zero cholesterol and very few carbohydrates. It is a perfect addition to any diet.

Fiber for digestive functions

Corn salad contains a lot of fiber (1.5 g), and fiber eases digestion and is effective to regulate intestinal transit. It is a laxative.

Corn salad provides chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives corn salad its beautiful deep green color. Chlorophyll brings oxygen to the body and detoxifies it.

It is also a significant source of omega-3. These fatty acids are interesting in that they prevent cardiovascular diseases, they reduce bad cholesterol and prevent clot formation. They also prevent auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

Corn salad also adds more crucial nutrients to the body flow: iron to help grab hold of oxygen and carry it through the blood flow, calcium for bone and tooth formation and growth, potassium to regulate tension and sodium for muscle contraction and ion equilibrium in the body.